…..my frustration with media reporting of events continues.

Today I have some issues relating to the reporting of the vote on the Syria situation. Firstly this is being constructed in the media and by politicians as a defeat for Cameron and Conservative MP’s are berating those Conservative MP’s that voted against military action. First of all this is not a defeat for Cameron it is Parliament voicing it’s view which Cameron will now discharge (he said that’s what he would do). You can execute your duties in your post while not agreeing with the direction… well in a democracy you can…. and that is what we live in isn’t it? Also, sometimes issues are bigger than party politics and elected representatives have the right to voice their views and the views of their constituents without adhering to party lines. I understand that sometimes a consensus is required in a party, for instance, regarding an issue in a manifesto, but not on an issue like this. Get over yourselves and accept the right of parliament as a whole to reflect their views and that of the public.

Also, Sky News are asking questions about how this effects relationships with the USA. As always they are sensationalising this! “Is this an end to our special relationship with the USA”? Well no probably not. The USA systematically show that if they think they are right they will act alone, they will do what they want, they are big enough to make their own decision and go with it irrespective of what the UK decide. And, I’m sure that the respective people in office can talk about the next major decision without resorting to “yeah but you wouldn’t help us the last time so we’re taking our ball in!” I think (hope at least) that they are bigger than that.

I’ve sat while writing this listening to the sky news coverage and the presenter is insisting on returning the conversation time and time again to this being humiliating for Cameron. Now, only Cameron knows if he feels humiliated. And, forgive me for being interested in important issues, but I don’t care one jot about how he feels about it but I do feel strongly about the people being killed, injured and psychologically damaged by what’s going on in Syria. I’d like to hear more about that. I’d like some commentary, even along party lines, on the issues. I’d like to hear more back story on the issue to help me understand it. That’s what news should be.




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